When and how to transition from cot to bed

Tips for transitioning your toddler from cot to bed I get asked this question quite a lot.  When it comes to making the transition from a cot to a big-kid bed, there are two questions that need to be answered. The first is when, and the second is how. If you are reading [...]

When and how to transition from cot to bed2020-04-30T13:58:34+10:00

Separation Anxiety

Eight Tips for easing Separation Anxiety I want you to know you’re not alone. This is definitely going on in my family at the moment with Frankie who is 2.5 years old and Harvey who is 1. Your baby’s sense of individuality will take years to develop. At around 6-8 months your baby [...]

Separation Anxiety2018-02-25T12:42:23+10:00

Extending Baby’s Nap Time

Extending your baby's nap time Does this sound familiar? Your baby wakes up in the morning after a solid night’s sleep. You feed her, change her, play with her, take her for a little walk outside.  You then rock her to sleep and put her gently into her cot for the morning nap. [...]

Extending Baby’s Nap Time2018-02-25T12:36:15+10:00

Travel Tips

Holiday Planning When you’re planning a family holiday with a baby, an important thing to consider is how your travel plans are going to affect your child’s sleep routine. You’ll have a much more enjoyable holiday if you organise your trip in a way that allows for as little disruption as possible to [...]

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The dummy question

To Dummy or Not? It is common for new parents to ask… “Are dummies bad?”  or “Can I give my baby a dummy now?” The decision on whether to use a dummy and for how long is a choice that you as a parent must make. It is completely up to you. It’s [...]

The dummy question2020-04-15T12:42:10+10:00

Night Terrors

Night terrors and nightmares are differentI recently had a client ask me about Night Terrors so I wanted to share some information about this topic with you.Nightmares are frightening dreams that occur within REM sleep (dreaming state). Children can then wake from their dream upset and distressed after having a [...]

Night Terrors2017-08-02T14:02:19+10:00

How do you know when your baby is tired?

How do you know when your baby is tired? Understanding the right cues…… Recognising tired signs isn’t as obvious as you think it should be.  Tired signs often get confused with signs of hunger and if you then feed again instead of putting your baby to bed. This can lead [...]

How do you know when your baby is tired?2017-08-02T14:04:45+10:00

Is my baby sleeping too much?

Is my baby sleeping too much? How Much Sleep Is Too Much Sleep? The truth of the matter is that 9 times out of 10, there is no such thing as too much daytime sleep. All  babies have different sleep requirements. Some babies will have a longer nap of two-hours, [...]

Is my baby sleeping too much?2017-08-02T14:06:14+10:00

Nap Transitions

How Many Naps Should My Little One Be Having? Nap Transitions I want to share today as I’ve just started to transition my son Harvey from 3 naps to 2 naps a day.  This can happen around 7 months old, but as we know not all children are the same [...]

Nap Transitions2017-06-05T15:06:49+10:00

The Number 1 Sleep Mistake

The number one sleep mistake The Bedtime Routine Mistakes to Avoid If you go to any baby site on the internet and search for “my baby won’t sleep,” or pretty much anything else with relation to getting a baby to sleep, almost every single site that you find will [...]

The Number 1 Sleep Mistake2017-06-05T15:07:16+10:00
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