How Many Naps Should My Little One Be Having?

Nap Transitions

I want to share today as I’ve just started to transition my son Harvey from 3 naps to 2 naps a day.  This can happen around 7 months old, but as we know not all children are the same and some babies might transition at 6 and some at 8 months old.  Harvey is 7.5 months old. It’s best to make  this transition gradually over 9 days.

Signs they are ready

  • Taking a long first nap
  • The first 2 naps of the day run late into the afternoon so there is no room for a 3rd nap
  • Taking longer to settle for nap 3, protesting, may or may not sleep

What does a 2 nap schedule look like?

  • Nap 1 at 9.30/10am
  • Nap 2 at 2/2.30pm


Once you have made the decision to do this stick with it.  Set a clear pattern so your baby’s body clock can get in line with what the new pattern is.  This way things will improve much quicker

What to do

No. 1 Don’t stress –  if it doesn’t click into place right away. It takes the body clock up to 4 weeks to fully adjust to sleep changes.  You might be met with some resistance at first when going down for the nap, this is normal.

  • Increase your baby’s awake time by 15 minutes each 3 days over the 9 days. Your baby will more than likely be tired. Changing activities regularly will help your baby stay awake till the next nap.  But don’t choose over stimulating activities
  • Remember your nap time routine before each nap, this cues baby it’s time for sleep
  • Try for a third nap if it’s too far away from bedtime, even some down time or quiet reading. This nap can be done in the car or pram and should only be 30mins
  • If your baby has a shorter nap at one sleep, then hold them as close as you possibly can to the next nap time (instead of the awake time) So they can make it to bedtime
  • Don’t be afraid to move bedtime earlier if naps weren’t the best. You want to avoid having an overtired baby

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